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Postby enrico65 » 28 Jan 2017, 15:50

Hi folks and developers,

I've seen that the Wiki needs a lot of translation work especially done for German-speaking users. Now I'm a native German (although I've moved away from Germany and are living at a better place) and I would like to contribute to the Wiki. ROSA is not known well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland probably because of it's lack of German documentation like the Wiki, but I think there's a good chance to change this by translating the Wiki. Now I've signed up for the wiki but I don't know how I can conntribute. Is there any client-software with which I can write the translation of an article and upload it to the Wiki?

If somebody can help me with some advice it would be very appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: ROSA - Wiki

Postby keleg » 31 Jan 2017, 03:37

Thank you. Client programs do not. You can edit our wiki as a regular Wikipedia.
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